Moringa Tea

Containing 47 anti-oxidants with loads of  amino acids, Vitamins, zinc, selenium and Zeatin, vidsamor tea is 100% organic and highly potent in reducing blood pressure, detox, anti diabetes, anti stress, anti ageing and immune boosting. Packed in individual teabags, vidsamor herbal tea is convenient for home and work use and is also portable for easy mobility.

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Moringa Powder

 Packaged for the benefit of direct consumption and food additive, Vidsamor powder is the greenest, purest powder you will find on God's green earth. We meticulously present this in tamper evident packs with zip lock feature for ease of access and reuse over time. Moringa powder has the same qualities as Moringa tea.

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Moringa Soap

H2h comprises an organic Moringa base which is further enriched with natural skin enhancing juices including honey, shea butter, pine oil, aloe vera and lemon. Loads of vitamin E in Moringa  alongside other infused benefits will continuously improve your skin to give that radiance and perfect appearance you have always desired.

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h2h Moringa Oil

h2h Moringa Oil is 100% organic and cold pressed from choice Moringa seeds obtained from the best sources. With over 46 antioxidants and loads of vitamins A,C and E, it boosts hair growth, clears black 'heads' and pimples on skin, balances oil secretion and keeps the skin firm, radiant and healthy when used regularly. This product also revamps damaged hair and irritated scalp. It is the most stable natural oil and does not go rancid.

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