Organic Moringa Oleifera Leaf Powder: Potent Enough to Fuel a Nation

Moringa is slowly gaining worldwide recognition due to its incredible vitamin and mineral content. In fact, Moringa powder consumption is slowly gaining ground among the health conscious. An article by Rana Khaled of the Egypt Independent discusses some of the benefits Moringa cultivation offers to developing countries like Egypt:

A while back, Ismail Abdel Galil, former head of the Desert Research Center and the founder of the gene bank in Sinai, asked a group of biologists to look for the presence of Moringa trees on Egyptian soil.
This tree could benefit the country on various levels.

“The Moringa tree can contribute significantly to combating the problems of malnutrition in a developing country like Egypt, where most children suffer from anemia, and vitamin A and iron deficiencies that affect their immunity, memory and vision,” he says.


A single teaspoon of Moringa powder contains as much vitamin C as four glasses of orange juice, as much calcium as four glasses of milk, the protein of an egg and the potassium of two bananas — plus 10 times the concentration of vitamin A in carrots and 10 times the iron in spinach, he says.

Developing nations like Egypt can also use the plant as a water cleansing alternative to chlorine and as an energy alternative to fossil fuels. The aforementioned excerpt from the Egypt Independent demonstrates that there is much to be gained from the cultivation and consumption of Moringa leaf powder and similar products. Moringa leaves can also be used to treat different medical conditions.

Scientists have discovered that Moringa extract can kill and inhibit the reproduction of cancer cells, which effectively nullifies the disease. Moringa leaves are also anti-diabetic as moringa has high levels of zinc which is needed to make insulin. Other health benefits of moringa consumption include weight loss and skin beautification.

If Moringa has one major shortcoming, it’s the fact that it can only thrive in warm, tropical places. Fortunately, those who are living in colder climates can order high-quality Moringa powder from reputable producers like Vidsamor. Aside from Moringa powder, other available Moringa products include capsules, moringa tea, and extracts.

Organic Moringa powder can be shipped anywhere in the United States and globally. The benefits of Moringa are so great that this humble plant can literally sustain and power developing nations. Individuals who want to enhance their health and wellness should consume all-natural Moringa leaf powder and enjoy it’s considerable benefits.


(Article Excerpt and Image from Local scientist hopes to use nutrient-rich Moringa tree in subsidized bread; Egypt Independent)

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