Moringa Testimonials

The consumption of Moringa tea is increasingly becoming known and has been testified to be very nutritious and helping to keep one healthy.

These are some of the evidences based on observation and remarks from people who have been using Moringa teaMoringa powder and spices.

Start seeing improvement in your health lifestyle by ordering your own Moringa tea and moringa powder now. Also improve your skin by using our moringa soap to bath.


From a 30 year old living with HIV/AIDS

Since I was diagnosed HIV positive I could not sleep well but during one of Lifebuilder’s Campaigns on Moringa tea, I used one sachet of Vidsa Moringa Tea and I used another at night on getting home and I was able to sleep soundly There has also been an improvement in my well being.


From Grace on the use of Vidsa Moringa to prevent Indigestion and Constipation

I have been taking Moringa powder for over a month now. I have noticed that my digestion has improved and I no longer suffer from constipation. I used to also get really bad Post Menopause Syndrome backaches, cramping. Bloating and fatigue, but now I do not. I just put the Vidsamor powder in my food and drinks and I am ok!


From the O.k-A on the use of Vidsa Moringa tea to aid Detoxification and boost energy

Moringa!!! I like it with my pap in the morning. The flavor blends well with pap custard and makes me feel good as it gradually releases the loads of vitamins in the plant. The Vidsamor Moringa Tea was introduced to me by a professor of Microbiology at Obafemi Awolowo University who told me about the nutrient-dense capacity of the plant and its ability to supply needed micro-nutrients which are useful for the human body. I appreciate it so much because it is natural. The effects have been noticeable by me and others who commend my shining skin and calmness all through the day. General wellness is my story and I recommend it for everyone.


From Mrs. Bola B on the use of Vidsa Moringa Tea for improved Eyesight

I heard this Moringa contains a lot of vitamin A and since I started using the Vidsamor Moringa Powder as a powder in all my tea and food, I stopped using my glasses and I can read more clearly. My optician confirmed that my sight has improved. So I ensure that I take at least two grams of the Vidsamor Moringa tea or Moringa powder added to my soup.


From a 51 year old woman

I am 51 years old and for the past 20 years I have been suffering from severe joint pain that affects my feet, shoulders, hand, leg, elbows, wrists, and knees. Along with these symptoms I also get very very fatigued on a daily basis. Because of the pain it has become increasingly harder for me to get a proper night’s sleep.

I was diagnosed by my doctor, including a Rheumatologist, through the use of blood tests and X-rays of having severe Rheumatoid Arthritics.

So someone gave me the information that I should try Moringa so I got the sample of Vidsamor tea. It happened so fast that I ordered for the product and began taking one can per day and my symptoms started to go away after only the first week! The greatest rewards for me, however is not what it has done for me but rather what Moringa has done for my friend and relatives, as I am able to share the product with them


From Musa T on the use of Vidsa Moringa powder for body trimming

Since I started using Vidsa Moringa powder, I noticed that my energy is through the roof. I also notice that I am not as hungry as I usually am. When I eat, I want to eat lightly, unlike before. I also notice a general trimming of my tummy and general wellbeing.


From Chineye on the use of Moringa for a healthier body

I wake up each morning to a cup of the Moringa tea and I feel great! Based on the recommendation of a friend I began using a teaspoon of Moringa powder (with a pinch of brown sugar- I can’t resist) for my morning tea. I am healthier, feeling better and looking great.


From B. Olat on the use of Vidsa Moringa for cure of Insomnia and fatigue from Diabetes

Since I was diagnosed with diabetes I lost a lot of weight. After introduction to Vidsamor Moringa tea in church I always and the sachet to my daily food intake. My health is glowing now.


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