Enjoying Moringa Benefits through Moringa Oleifera Capsules and Tea

The Moringa tree, dubbed as the “miracle tree” by health and science experts because of its numerous benefits, has had a long history with humans that dates back to ancient Greece and Egypt. These days, people don’t have to travel that far to have access to the tree as they can grow their own tree if they want. In fact, Moringa is grown all over the globe as explained in an article posted at the Africa University website:

Capsules and Tea

“Moringa (Genus Moringaceae) is found in various parts of the world. Among the 14 known species are Moringa stenopetala which is native to Ethiopia and northern Kenya, Moringa peregrina native to Sudan, Egypt, the Arabian peninsula and north the Dead Sea, Moringa Ovalifolia which grows in Angola and Namibia and Moringa Oleifera which is native to northern India but is now distributed world wide [sic] in the tropics and subtropics.”

Apart from the ideal location though, cultivating Moringa also involves rich, organic soil and plenty of fertilizers but no chemicals. Growers of Moringa also need to keep an eye out for predators like squirrels, rabbits, chickens, and birds and thus it may be necessary for them to put protective wire around the plants. With all the challenges in growing Moringa, those who wish to enjoy the health and nutritional benefits of Moringa may instead consider purchasing Moringa oleifera capsules and tea.


Moringa in capsule form is typically sold as a natural health supplement to boost energy, regulate blood sugar levels, reduce fatigue, and more. Drying out the leaves before crushing them into powder and inserting the powder in capsules are important steps in making Moringa capsules for sale. It’s recommended that consumers should look for manufacturers that uses an air-dry technique that effectively preserves the critical nutrients.


Preparing Moringa in this form is similar to the one used to make capsules as it involves turning the green leaves into powder form first. However, the powder is placed in tea bags. Moringa tea is mainly known for its energy-boosting capabilities, but it does have other benefits too, such as stimulating the immune system.

Reading up on the health and nutritional benefits that Moringa offers make some people eager to grow the tree on their own. However, the location and soil quality can affect the growth of Moringa. As such, these people can save themselves the trouble by buying Moringa products in different forms offered by trusted companies like Vidsamor.

(Article Information and Image from Moringa Research, Africa University)

Learn More: http://www.africau.edu/registrar/Academic%20&%20Research/research_items/moringa.htm

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