About Vidsamor

VIDSA Multi Ventures Limited is a limited liability company which was incorporated in Nigeria in 2010.

With a focus on food processing, we primarily manufacture consumable food items including herbal tea, bean-cake powder, processed locust beans, food spices, and food oils.

We love health and are serious and passionate about Moringa! For this reason, we have but one objective; “to bring value your way through life-giving products.”

We delicately start out all production with the selection of the best material inputs which are further processed to perfection simply for you.



VMV Limited is serious about Moringa. We believe the best Moringa product starts from the planting all the way through the processing and final packaging for your consumption. In achieving this, we commit to farming the most potent Moringa species and nurture them all the way to maturity ensuring they receive the best treatment through their life cycles. In processing your favorite products, we spare no expense on quality assurance. We pride ourselves in our continuous ability to bring to your tables high quality, well packaged and health-giving Moringa products.


Social Responsibility

VMV Limited is committed to supporting educational initiatives within Nigeria. We partner with non-governmental organizations such as Lifebuilders Nigeria who focus on providing teenagers with necessary skills for personal development. We are also committed to funding development of water resources in rural community’s as we believe access to portable water is a right no individual should be denied.


Environmental Sustainability

VMV Limited is committed to preserving our environment. We cultivate our farms deploying industry best practices and with uttermost regard for the ecosystem. We avoid bush burning and other degrading farm practices and monitor closely our network of farmers who cultivate over 300,000 tree stands. Training them on sustainable practices. We also support an ongoing research which aims to convert harvested Moringa stalks into biogas.

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